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  1. G

    Glue For Pens

    I have been using medium CA glue kinda like duct tape for any and all problems that start by with gluing and I am wondering if anyone has better suggestions for a glue to use for gluing in barrels or gluing wood together for blanks
  2. Woodchipper

    Saving a blank!

    I am turning two Slimline pens as giveaways for an archery tournament tomorrow. One is flame box elder (my wife's favorite wood). The first part turned fine. The second part had a chip fly off about 3/4 of the way. Not good. I stopped the lathe and could see the tube in a knothole. What would...
  3. Woodchipper

    Idea for tube and clear acrylic blank?

    I am still new at this but have an idea. There was an inquiry about a blank with a certain finish. Thought I could crinkle some aluminum foil, flatten it and glue it around a tube. I know it would increase the diameter a bit. How would it react with CA or epoxy? Would the glue hold? Try it and...
  4. Woodchipper

    "Tiny bubbles in the glue"

    Don Ho sang about tiny bubbles in the wine. I got tiny bubbles in the glue. I was turning an acrylic piece this morning. It became translucent and the bubbles stuck out like sore thumb. Plus one end cracked so I tossed it. SWMBO and I saw some great pens at our local Woodcraft store a while...
  5. P

    Thich CA glue fumes

    This is about the third time I have glued a bunch of blanks togethere but at first I thought it was seasonal allergies but from the research I did on thick CA glue was the fumes from it can cause a type of asthma problem that almost makes it hard to breathe feels like breathing through a straw...
  6. B

    Potato plugs tube to prevent glue infiltration

    Hello, I don't know if this has been done before, but I did this and it has worked out very well. No more reaming out glue globs! To prevent glue from flowing inside a tube, just cut a 3/8" (8-10mm) slice of potato, and push the tube through it to cut a plug from the slice. Then wipe off...
  7. L

    question gluing acrylic sheets

    Planning on using 3/16"thick clear acrylic sheets 6x10x6 size can anyone suggest a type of glue to put the vaccum chamber together. My plans is to use to pull the bubbles out of various casting. Plan on using PR resin & Smoothcast 60d very flexible. Will be using a 1.5hp dry/vac for suction.
  8. M

    painting interior of acrylics

    I have been using standard primer (white, grey, or black) in a spray can for all my acrylic blanks so it will hide the wavy or bubbly CA glue. Most of the time it seems to work fine, but I have noticed recently that it may not be working as well as I thought. Both while turning and during...
  9. M

    wine stopper assembly question

    I just started to make wine stoppers and did't feel that the threaded connection between the acrylic top and the SS stopper was a good strong fit, so I decided to add a little CA inside the acrylic hole (which I used a tapping tool on and was on a threaded chuck). After I screwed the two...
  10. rkimery

    How long will it last?

    I have been on the forum for over a year now. This is also my first post, so be kind. :smile: Maybe this is posted somewhere, but I haven't found it on here yet. If this is the case, please point me in the right direction..Thanks. My question is this: How long will it last in the bottle or...
  11. T

    Other Finishing Methods

    Besides CA glue, what kind of finishing does everyone else use? Follow us on facebook ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
  12. Penl8the

    (Tutorial) How to Glue Denim to Tube

    I am not familiar to add a "certified" tutorial to the library in this forum. Maybe someone or Jeff Brown can give me a primer to do that. I have been receiving a few private messages (PM's) on how to glue denim to a tube. Here is my attempt to explain the process. From this to this...
  13. B

    Hiding Glue When Using Transparent Blanks

    I've been making pens for quite some time but have mostly worked with wood as it is simply my material of preference. I do however from time to time make some acrylic pens and usually have fairly good luck in turning out a good looking pen. Recently I had a friend request I make her several...
  14. BigguyZ

    Wood movement, or "The case for Trustone and Acrylics" (rant/ brainstorm)

    OK, I'll try to take some pictures to show what I'm talking about, but my current camera doesn't exactly take Macro pictures very well. AAAnyway, I'm looking over my pens for sale this morning, and a quilted maple (?) sierra I did a few weeks ago now has spider webs cracks all over the...
  15. heinedan

    Mini Review Sumo Glue

    I have been having problems with epoxy lately, after I'm done turning and take the busihings out, the tube has come with them more often than I am comfortable with. I sanded the tubes and left them overnight or longer to cure. So, I was in a store recently and saw a bottle of Sumo glue. Made by...
  16. S

    Cleaning CA glue dispensers

    What can I place a nozzle stopped up with CA into to dissolve the glue? I used to do this, but cannot remember what it was.
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