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    First Hybrid Cast Pen

    This was my very first attempt at casting a hybrid blank and I was surprised at how well it turned out. I also realized for big casting molds you need a lot of resin also. View in Gallery this was couple of the...
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    A Cigar pen

    Thanks to Dale Allen who made most of the pen I just helped finish it up at the mpgs. Thank you again for taking your time to do this I truly appreciate it and your demo was amazing as well as the hands on experience I learned that day...
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    Harley Quinn Pen

    I consider this my first turn to the new year it was 50 degrees the other day and I got excited to go turn and it came out amazing also. This was one of the blanks I got at the mpg last year and looking forward to the next one...
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    Watch Parts Pen

    This was the a pen blank I received from ernie aka EBorraga he was at the pot luck in December at mark james house and he gave me the blank to try cause it was not on par with him I have to say it still is amazingly made and I had fun turning it thanks ernie I used the elegant sierra kit...
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