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  1. B

    the secret to "free" blanks

    so while short on cash. I was browsing Facebook and came across a woodworkers page. I offered in exchange for a box of scrap woods of man varieties I would send them a pen I made. Small problem though. the 1st box I received had over 100 blank sized scraps. And 20 other people offered to ship...
  2. T

    Freedom Pens

    Hi everyone I am a 14 yo who is wanting to make pens for the troops. Since I am 14 I can't afford to pay for the materials being I am poor. Now if anyone sees this that wants to send pens for the troops and doesn't have tools to make or something if you could send blanks/pen kits to me and I...
  3. GaryMGg

    ServicePens 2013

    Ladies and Gentlemen, and the rest of us too. :wink: ServicePens 2012, is complete. It's now time to focus on what we'll accomplish for 2013. The pen donations to our servicemen and women for this event will occur June...
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