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  1. Woodchipper

    High end pens by William Henry

    Ran across this name connected with Rone Jewelers. Anyone know anything about this fellow? His pens are very expensive. I feel that you pen turners could enlighten me on this. I would have to win the lottery to afford a pen that cost $1K. http://https://www.williamhenry.com/writing-instruments.html
  2. T

    Highest Quality Pen Kit

    What is the highest quality (most expensive/most sellable) pen?
  3. WildcatHollow

    Fine/Elegant/Swiss Pen Kits: Where to Find?

    I'd like to make a very fine, elegant pen kit for my daughter's graduation. I've read that there are Swiss or German made very fine pen kits. I've Googled all the possible variations, and still can't find a supplier. Where could I go online to find the finest, most elegant (and probably...
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