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  1. Woodchipper

    Wipe on poly

    I read a post yesterday that mentioned WOP for pen blanks. I have searched for it and haven't found it yet. How is it best applied and how long do you let each coat take to dry? Thanks.
  2. mpex

    CA taking 15mins to dry. Help!

    I'm having trouble with my CA finishing process. It is taking 15 minutes for each coat to dry. I am trying to do it without accelerator because I've been having trouble with cracking. I'm a complete beginner so I'll bet I'm missing something. At about 15 minutes, it is no longer wet but still a...
  3. GouletPens

    Everything you need to know about microwave drying wood

    It seems that microwaving is a good way to dry small things like pen blanks, but it took a bit of effort for me to fish through all of the threads to find buried tips on microwaving. I've recently gotten myself into a situation where I needed to use some olivewood when it was wetter than I feel...
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