drill bits

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  1. ramaroodle

    Substitute drill bit sizes

    I am making a pen for a customer that requires 10.5mm and .492" bits. Don't know how I missed it but I don't have those sizes (usually i forget to buy bushings). What I did notice was that the tubes fit in 13/32 and 31/64 inch holes. They are a little snug but can still be inserted with 2...
  2. Bryguy

    Drilling acrylics

    I have had a heck of a time drilling acrylics. Blowouts galore. Then I discovered the acrylic drills from FTM not a single blowout since (until I wore the drill bit out!) They are available in metric sizes as well as fractional inch and number and letter sizes. I just ordered some more and in...
  3. S

    What size is a "O" drill bit?

    I just ordered a pen kit and it needs an "O" size drill bit. The pen kit also has a letter opener kit which I bought too. It will arrive in 10 days. I am using a dremel drill so I need to know what size "O" is? Thanks Being a newbie I do not have all the drill bits except a 7mm so I am...
  4. T

    Drilling Pen Blanks with a Router Table

    Hi all. I have just started using metric drill bits in a router table to drill pen blanks. = I would recommend this method for WOOD ONLY pen blanks, as the plastic blanks would probably melt from the fast drill. The whole process takes about 15 seconds at 10,000 rpm, the slowest router setting...
  5. GRJensen

    Stick Pen Drill Bits

    I'm looking for drill bits to make a batch of pens with inserts from the cheap BIC ballpoints. Someone suggested I buy #23 or #24 bits, but I have had zero luck finding them. If anyone can point me to a source or recommend a different bit type (Imperial, metric, etc.), I would appreciate it!
  6. J

    Drill bit question

    So other than the 36 drill bits pictured here in Daniel's set that I missed out on What other drill bits would you need? I'm not just speaking to pens, but everything, bottle stoppers, secret compartment key chains, game calls, etc... I'm in the planning stages for my drill bit drawer for...
  7. S

    How do you sharpen your drill bits?

    And how often? About a year ago I got a Drill Doctor 500X, and I have to say, once you get the hang of it, it is a very amazing tool! I suppose someone has come up with a jig to do it, or even do it freehand on a grinder. I've done that in the past, and watched a 4 inch bit turn into a 1 inch...
  8. Daniel

    Drill bits, possibly a group buy opportunity

    I have several questions and an idea or two. First has anyone ever heard from a company from china named Quanzhou L&V Tools Industry Co., Ltd. another name associated with the e-mail I received is, XiaoVera. I received a quote for high speed drill bits and an offer to send free samples (cost of...
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