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  1. budnder

    Kinda Kitless Spalty Apple Fountain

    I like the Churchill Fountain kit on two personal taste issues - plastic nib (not metal) and it's press to post cap (no exposed threads). However, it's too dang heavy and I don't care for all the blingy trim rings. Here's my attempt at fixing those issues... which means I'm ditching the brass...
  2. V

    Emboyna Burl Fountain pen - my first fountain pen

    I have just completed my first fountain pen. I've been sitting on this Windsor kit I got from The Golden Nib (TGN) for a long time. I just did not have the time or tools to make it. It required 31/64" and 33/64" bits, which I finally got. I also splurged on the Amboyna burl blank for this pen. I...
  3. TurnaPen

    Worthless Wood Green

    Hope you like these two Churchills, the finish is CA. They have custom made grips, custom made centre bands(portion of the centre band), and "invisible clip". The blanks are from Jeff Powell aka Workinforwood, of the IAP site. Cannot rush this type of pen crafting, (I learnt the hard way)...
  4. TurnaPen

    Worthless Wood Fountain Pen

    Hope you like this one, I custom made the grip on it, and it is a closed end Churchill Fountain Pen. Very fastidious this time round with encountering a multitude of problems, -some self made, others because it is wood and resin there is a difference in the cutting and the strength of the blank...
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