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  1. MRDucks2

    Cherry Burl

    Asked in another thread about best way to handle. Will be interesting to see what I have ended up with as I cut it up. About 15” x 15” and 8” thick.
  2. Curly Cherry Sketch Pencil

    Curly Cherry Sketch Pencil

    Sketch pencil from Craft Supplies in curly cherry. Finish is BLO/CA glue.
  3. Curly Cherry Baron FP

    Curly Cherry Baron FP

    Curly Cherry FP from Baron Kit. This is my EDC pen. The blank is from a tree that was cut down at our home in Cleveland years ago. Finish is CA glue.
  4. F

    Bowl made from cherry

    This is a small 8 inch diameter bowl made from cherry. I used Danish oil to finish it. I gave this one to my wife to take to school and use as a candy bowl.
  5. Martin G

    First Pepper Mill

    I've been meaning to do this for a long time. My dad sent me some pepper mill kits years ago. I was finally motivated to do one when my brother asked me if the mechanism in his pepper mill could be fixed. It wasn't the same size as the kits I have so I figured I'd better just make him a new...
  6. R

    Jr. Gent w/Black Cherry Burl

    Who needs exotic wood when native cherry looks like this? This is a Jr. Gent II in Rhodium wrapped in Black Cherry Burl from northern Pennsylvania. I stabilized it with Cactus Juice and it turned and finished like a dream. The finish is just a few coats of BLO & thin CA and then buffed.
  7. phsv

    First pen photo session, please C&C

    Here is one of the photos from my first attempt at pen photography. I used two light sources for this image. One overhead video light giving a slight glow on the pen and using a bounced small hotshoe flash as the main fill light. I realized that I need to add more light to the button of the pen...
  8. Krudwig

    Cabrollero Kit on Walnut and Cherry

    Here is another segmented walnut and cherry with aluminum. This is the second one I've done the first was on a classic vintage kit. I've done cabinetry work and they say that a what separates a good carpenter from a average carpenter is the ability to fix your mistakes or disguise them. Well...
  9. Krudwig

    Walnut, cherry, aluminuim

    Here is a vintage classic from Smitty's! It was a $2 kit on closeout and I have been learning for maybe three months less than 20 pens so far. I thought this one turned out nice ! Also I posted one picture with my ipad and it will only do 1 picture period! Any ideals, I know others have the same...
  10. L

    Thursday Tease - 3 New Beauties Today

    Back left: Sierra Cherry Burl Back right: Sierra Camphor Crotch - Red Alumilite Cast Think I call this one "Red Tide" Foreground: Amboyna Burl Black Cast (Sometimes a piece of wood is just too pretty to scrap) Enjoy Mike
  11. M

    Jr Statesman in Cherry Burl

    This is a non-postable Jr. Statesman from CSUSA, made from some very nice Cherry Burl - all comments welcome :) Jason
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