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  1. Baseball3_Baseball2.jpg


    One PSI Baseball Pen in Oil Rubbed Bronze and another in Antique Pewter.
  2. S

    Pen kit sourcing

    My dad has some walnut that he salvaged from the remodel of his office because do sentimental value. He has asked metro make him a pen/pencil set for I'm out of the salvaged wood. Here is the hard part. He wants a pencil, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen that match. I can only find 3...
  3. Lenny

    Triton Ballpoint in Black w/Gold web Tru-Stone

    Triton ballpoint in Black with Gold Matrix Tru-Stone My second tru-stone attempt (both have been the black w/gold matrix) but this one turned so much easier! More like PR. :confused: Comments and critiques welcome, Thanks for looking!
  4. T

    Ballpoint vs Rollerball vs Fountain

    Which has been your best selling pens: Ballpoint, Rollerball, or Fountain?
  5. C

    Cigar Pen done In Corians (Juniper)

    Hello all!! This is a cigar pen done in one of corians new colors called (juniper) I am going to try to upload a couple pics one of which will have a couple pieces of the color sitting behind the pen. Thanks for looking. JIM
  6. C


    Hello All!! We sell alot of these at the local bike shows and by special order.The one showing is a combo of checkerboard top and striped bottom.(It is the best seller) but we also offer it in full checkerboard or full stripes.It is made using corians Manderin (orange) and corians Nocturne...
  7. C

    Simple Cigar PEN

    Simple Cigar Pen No bells and whistles I thought the combination turned out really well so I figured I would see what everyone else thinks. This pen is made from one of Formicas new colors called (Gold Nugget)
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