african blackwood

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  1. budnder

    Kinda Kitless Spalty Apple Fountain

    I like the Churchill Fountain kit on two personal taste issues - plastic nib (not metal) and it's press to post cap (no exposed threads). However, it's too dang heavy and I don't care for all the blingy trim rings. Here's my attempt at fixing those issues... which means I'm ditching the brass...
  2. M

    wood cracking when pressing

    I was wondering if anyone had any friendly advice when pressing pen kits together. Not that I have never had a pen crack on other pen kits, but the slimline pens seem to give me the biggest problem. Mostly with certain woods. African Blackwood is probably the worst, though I have had some...
  3. VisExp

    Circles in a Forest

    This is the pen I am sending Mike (Hosspen) my PITH partner. My apologies for being past the due date Mike, I hope the wait is worth it. The pen is packaged and will be in the mail first thing Monday. During some e-mail exchanges Mike mentioned that he liked the Sierra Click, was...
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