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Team 7: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

Team 7: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

Team 7: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

The cap is wood grain acrylic with black ebonite finials. The clip was custom designed and cast. The body was a custom cast of Alumilite.

Team 7 members and their individual contributions to the creation of this pen.

Don Varr (Vanngo5d) from Porter, TX: Drilled and tapped the body.

Jim Fischer (J_B_Fischer) from Belleville, MI: Drilled, tapped and turned the cap.

Aurelian Cojocaru (AurelianC) from Bucharest, Romania: Designed and cast the clip.

Chris Nirenberg (cnirenberg) from Fort Myers, FL: Made the cap finials, turned the cap, made special mandrels to hold the blanks.

Jonathon Brooks (Brooks803) from Aiken, SC: Provided the design and pen materials, cast the pen body blank, made front section, did all the final fit & finish touch-up, inked and broke in the nib.

Team 7 intentionally put varying finishes on the pen. The cap was done in a satin finish to provide a stark contrast to the clip. Also, the wood grain pattern has a slight texture to it. Same varying finishes on the body. The section was left satin to match the end finial. The body got a light gloss finish to match the nib. The overall design was to make a sword. The cap is the sheath and the body is the blade. When a person uncaps the pen it’s like drawing the sword. They carried that thought into the clip by making the tip of the blade into the shape of a nib.

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