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Scott Hettel's Eagle Inspired Pen

Scott Hettel's Eagle Inspired Pen

Pen and story about Eagle courtesy of Scott Hettel. Thank you Scott!

The other pen (pictured) was inspired from one of our many conversations (with Eagle) about laminating and I learned a lot from it. The pen was actually made on a "bet". Eagle was not a proponent of the bandsaw for accurate work and could not believe that mine was "tuned to resaw accurately" the strips were cut and lightly sanded to make the lamination for this pen. Then the blanks were cut and converted to "triangles" to be reglued. All of the cutting for this pen was done on the bandsaw and sanding was minimal. (just enough to remove the very light ridges left by the bandsaw). This is where his statement that a blank needed to be made from the "inside out" really made sense to me because I had a lot of troubles getting this one to "line up" and it still did not come out to meet my standards. After Eagle saw it he gave me some "tips" that he thought might "improve" on the outcome and I used them to make several that have sold for a very nice price.

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