The new shop sink made me do it

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Jan 12, 2013
Tehachapi, CA
After installing the sink my plumber said now you need new molding. There was a 1” or so gap between the new sink and the old molding. I thought about leaving it but it would not go away. I removed the old pieces and found them to be routed 1/2” MDF. I have some sheets of it so I cut new pieces, routed them, painted them and brad nailed them up. That was about 30” of molding. All was wonderful until I looked around the shop. Most of it did not have baseboard molding. It did not bother me for six years until this week. Oh well, more cuts, more routing and painting. Now everywhere I can get to has newly installed white molding. All machines are back to where they were and ready to work. The total was about 40’!

Now back to pens…. Pens are more fun!

The unpainted piece had a flaw in routing so it did not get to play.

Yes, I’ll putty the holes!


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