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Feb 22, 2005
Question about the IAP. Do we have an official color associated with this forum. Like a corporate color such as Green and Yellow for John Deere. Home Depot orange and so forth. Now I see the emblem on top of the page and in many areas that is basically blue and white. I see our logo sometimes in black and white when we do the logo contest. Now when I entered a contest in 2019 called the Pen Box and Pen Stand contest I made a pen box that represented IAP and used the colors of blue, white and black from the logo. The pen stand I made I stayed with black and blue and used the maple as the white. I show these entries here.

The reason I am asking is I would like to make a pen that goes with these items and would like to have our colors represented if we truely do have our own brand. Now it is very easy to manipulate colors in a pen because of the many resin blanks available. Back when I made these items I never gave it alot of thought other than using the logo at the top of page as a reference.

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