Snakewood/Letterwood pen blanks for sale

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Rudy Vey

Jan 26, 2004
South Plainfield, NJ, USA.
Snakewood/Letterwood pen blanks for sale - SOLD

Anticipating a larger move, I am cleaning out my shop and have to sell most of my pen blank collection.
I have for sale 14 blanks, Snakewood (or sometimes also called Letterwood) Brosimum guianense (syn. Piratinera guianensis).
Some have great figure, some not so much. The picture shows a good average of the looks of these blanks.
There are 14 blanks and I like to get $50 plus shipping.

I think this is a fair price for these blanks.

They weigh in at 2 lbs. 8 oz, and will not fit into a small flatrate box, I recommend a medium flatrate box.

Please, send email to

if you are interested.

I will be traveling until Wednesday next week, but would be able to ship Thursday or Friday next week.

First come-first serve!!


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