Just Posted 3 New US Coast Guard Pen Blanks - Resin Cast Label Tube On for Multiple Kits

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Custom crafted pen blank featuring the emblem of the US Coast Guard on a white background. An American flag banner is in the upper left corner and the Coast Guard motto "Semper Paratus - Always Ready" is below the banner.

Two other variations:
  1. Veteran Text in gold under USCG Emblem
  2. Retired Text in gold under the USCG Emblem
The image is printed on a waterproof label and affixed to the appropriate brass pen kit tube and cast in a clear epoxy resin.

All blanks are listed at $12 each - IAP members receive a 10% discount
1 - 4 Blanks shipping is $3.50
5 or more blanks shipping is Free in the USA

We will cast on other kits

Message me and we can work out the details

Blanks are available for the following pen kits and we can custom cast to most any standard pen kit:
  • All 30 Caliber Bolt Action kits with a 3/8" diameter tube
  • All Classic twist pen kits that use a 27/64" diameter tube
    • Sierra, Elegant Beauty, Wallstreet, Gatsby
  • PSI Nautical Pen Kits
USCG-Blank-Collage.JPGWatermark-USCG Emblem - Flag Banner - Motto Text-Retired-Bolt.pngUSCG-Veteran-Blank-Collage.png
We are a licensed hobbyist for the US Coast Guard
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