Don't know if these can be classified as small turnings

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Sep 24, 2006
Tellico Plains, Tennessee, USA.
Some bowls I just finished and put in the booth at the museum market place...
Four of them are from some Cherry that one of my fellow vendors gave me... the wood had some burls that made for some spectacular pattern grains.... the other two are from a tree I got from my neighbor called Paulownia - an invasive Chinese tree that can be very beautiful in spring with long strands of lavendar blossums. the wood is very light weight and difficult to cut smooth even with very sharp tools... requires a lot of sanding.
104204 (2).JPG
104204 (4).JPG

This one had a large hole that I filled with the sawdust from turning the bowl blank.... 8 3/4 inches diameter by 3 1/2 inch high. finished with poly urethane.
104205 (2).JPG
104205 (5).JPG

8 1/2 diameter by 2 1/4 high... polyurethane finish.
104206 (1).JPG
104206 (4).JPG
104207 (1).JPG
104207 (5).JPG

These two are both about 6" diameter and about 2" high... the second is from a burl knot on the side of the log my friend brought.
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Mar 15, 2009
Corsicana, TX
Great looking bowls!

Just drove through Telico last week. Bluebonnet trails still going on down here.
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