Comet II Midi combo w/ tools and chuck

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Nov 3, 2016
In Cleveland area.
Lathe, three tools and G3 chuck both accessories unopened(I already had tools and G3 chuck).

I did bugger up the end of the threads and damage one of the plastic indexing tabs. During initial set-up. Yes I was fuming. I cleaned the thread ends with a stone and no issue. Runs true.

Run time is less than ten hours. Maybe less than 5.
Retailed last year Christmas special for $600. The amazon listing is $650 + tax now on Amazon. Probably about $701.99 total given my local tax rate.
I bought with employee discount for $435 + tax to a total of about $470.
Yours for $435. I probably will hang on to it if I can't get that much.
Absolutely not willing to ship. You inspect, under power if available, then cash and carry.

Haven't been able to set it up since moving and thinking about getting a pen pal I can easily keep in my apartment. Carry out onto my balcony, trn for a bit then carry back inside. This is just a little too big and heavy to do so comfortably. The only trade I would consider would be a penpal lathe. Possibly another smaller/lighter lathe like a Rikon or Shop Fox mini. Obviously not straight across.
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