Cheers for Ed and Dawn at Exotic Blanks

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Aug 4, 2008
Middletown, Ohio
I got a personal phone call today because one blank and one kit I ordered didn’t match. Ed wanted to verify this was my intention, and it wasn’t.
I clicked on the wrong kit.
They saved the day because it’s most definitely not a cheap blank.
I would have noticed doing pre measuring, but they saved me the headache of all of it along with shipping back, etc.
Always have been top notch to work with.
Thanks again folks!
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Local Chapter Manager
Mar 25, 2005
Racine, WI, USA.
The moral of this story is: IF you provide us a telephone number AND you answer your phone when I call, it is my pleasure to try to help you order what you really wanted!!

Our area code is 262 and our phones are "ID'd" with ExoticBlanks (unfortunately it is misspelled as the local cable company entered it that way and claims it is too difficult to change).

We have the advantage of either Dawn or I seeing every order, since we pack each one. When it is one pen kit and one blank, we usually know if they are compatible. So, if there is a phone number, why not give the customer a call and confirm. MOST of the time this results in changing the order before it is shipped--avoiding returns and inconveniences for the customer!!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!!!
Thanks for noticing, Darrin!!

Time to go pack--yes we do pack and ship on Saturday--all part of trying to provide the best service anywhere!!
We sincerely appreciate your business!!
Ed & Dawn
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