2/7 - 58 Amalgam-Mutt Pen Blanks - 33% off Current Retail

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Sep 10, 2017
Dallas, TX
I am selling about 2/3rds of my hobby kits as I no longer have as much room in my new house. I have a wide variety of kits including 257 assorted pen kits, 318 pen blanks (mostly plastic) including Amalgam-Mutt, Madreperlato, and Rhino, 147 bottle stoppers / call blanks (6", 5", & 3") including Amalgam-Mutt and acrylester. Finally, I have several related projects kits including bottle openers, perfume sticks and sprayers, antler pen stands, shaving kits, and magnifying glasses. I am listing these items in seven different postings to help organize the items. I have included links to virtually all items and pictures where an item may no longer be available such as a discontinued (rhodium) plating option, etc. If you need additional information or pictures, please let me know. I will update the tables in each posting daily in the early morning to reflect what has been sold so please refer to it for what items are still available. Everything is at least 33% off current retail and some items are 50% plus off. Pricing is listed in the attached Word Document

If you are interested in an item(s), please claim in the posting thread and send me a PM with your complete shipping address so I can provide you with the actual shipping cost using Pirate Shipping. If you are interested in items in multiple postings, please claim in each posting so everyone will know an item is no longer available. For orders over $150 combined, I will pay for the shipping. PayPal (friends and family) is preferred but I can be flexible if needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, David


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