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  1. Woodchipper

    Cleaning a large purpleheart slab

    I scored a large piece of purpleheart, one of my favorite woods, at a local symposium; 12x12x3. It is covered in wax. I can take a cheap knife and scrap off the wax from pen blanks. However, to tackle a large piece of wood is a different story. Cut and just clean what is being used? Your...
  2. Woodchipper

    Preventative maintanance

    I posted this on another website but wanted to share this with you. "I'm sure this is nothing new to this group but wanted to share this for anyone taking time to clean up the shop. I have spent the last three days cleaning up the shop, organizing items in like function or use, and looking at...
  3. M

    Polish or Wax after MM 12000 ?

    I have achieved great results wet sanding the CA finish with Micromesh up to 12000. I am thinking that I could apply a wax or polish to it at the end but I do not want to use anything with any grit to it because the finish is already quite glossy. Are there any recommendations for a car wax or...
  4. Oldmanwheeler

    The Best Pen Finish I've used yet

    I've tried every type of pen finish out there and still never found one that I was completely sold on, at least not until now. I was reading some old forum's on finishing when I stumbled across a link to Doctor's Woodshop. I went to the website and as I read Mike's story I discovered he had a...
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