watch pen

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  1. I

    Watch part blanks. What am I doing wrong?

    I've bought all my materials for making watch part pen blanks. Including some retro dials to start with. If I ruin those blanks, it's no big deal. Part of the learning process. However, look at the pics. I'm putting them together using a thick CA. Specifically, gorilla glue thick. If you...
  2. denniszoomy

    Watch pen

    Well finally decided to try and make a watch pen just pulled the blank out of the pressure pot. Hopefully I will get it turned tomorrow. Dennis
  3. cschimmel

    A watch pen for a friends mother. WWII era

    Helbros watch to pen conversion video. Schimmel's Studio - YouTube This is a project I did for a Friend of mine who had this watch. The watch was his mother's fathers watch that he had received in the 50's (he has since past). She had given the watch to her son (my friend) because it did not...
  4. C

    watch pen made from Mom and Dads watches

    Hello Everyone.I'm not sure the pics went through but I hope so. These are all the same pen. It is another creation by Gary.I was talking to Gary and told him that I had just started casting so I could learn how to make these blanks.He offered to help me with this.This pen is made from parts of...
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