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    Watch Parts Pen

    This was the a pen blank I received from ernie aka EBorraga he was at the pot luck in December at mark james house and he gave me the blank to try cause it was not on par with him I have to say it still is amazingly made and I had fun turning it thanks ernie I used the elegant sierra kit...
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    Watch Parts Pen - A Short Film

    This is a short film of a watch parts pen that I made. I'm working on a "tutorial edit" which I hope to complete within the next month. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. -Rossi Oswaldo Rossi - YouTube
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    watch pen made from Mom and Dads watches

    Hello Everyone.I'm not sure the pics went through but I hope so. These are all the same pen. It is another creation by Gary.I was talking to Gary and told him that I had just started casting so I could learn how to make these blanks.He offered to help me with this.This pen is made from parts of...
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