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  1. Woodchipper

    Drilling pen blanks

    This is my drilling setup with a Wilton machinist's vise (from Lowe's) on the drill press table. I secured it with bolts and washers. I can move it by loosening the bolts and rotating the drill press table. Drilling consists of squaring the blank to the side of the drill bit. I also use it for...
  2. Woodchipper

    Inserting a small part into a finial

    Let me be more precise here. I'm assembling a cartridge bullet click pen from WC, #151303. The instructions say to insert a small tube into the clip/retainer/cap assembly. There is to be 9/16 inch left in the assembly. I have the tube almost in with about i/32 left to go. My pen press has a...
  3. S

    I have a C. Christiansen carpenters bench for sale

    I found this site while searching for information on dating and pricing my carpenter's bench. My search brought me to a post of one and I thought this site was for tools and such. I'm not sure if this is where I would post that I have this for sale or not. If this is not allowed or not where I...
  4. louie56

    PSI 5 Collet chucking system vs PHD VISE

    Ok can you give me your input PHD vise vs PSI Collet chucking system for drilling blanks I know price is almost equal but accurate? which one, delivery? which one, Pro-cons on each unit I like to get one just don't know which way to go, Thanks for all your input.:smile: