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  1. C

    PSI Tycoon & Majestic Jr Nibs .....

    Had a gentleman tell me elsewhere that these now come with a stock Jowo nib, can somebody else please corroborate this for me? As expected, am new to fountain pens, have a couple customers that want one, I don't want to tell them something that's not true, and I want to make sure I give...
  2. W

    My fist large pen

    After a month of turning I finally decided to pull out the tycoon I ordered, this is the result. I was surprised that the walnut looks to have a burl figure in it. Please be critical, I turned my first pen on the 7th of this month, so i know there is a lot more I need to learn.:smile: Thanks
  3. P

    Desert Ironwood and Sindora Burl

    My two most recent efforts, Desert Ironwood and Sindora Burl, both on the Tycoon kit. Comments, jibes, outrageous opinions, lavish praise, all very much appreciated!
  4. Lenny

    Amboyna burl Tycoon

    My latest pen, a Tycoon rollerball in Amboyna burl. I tried to have more patience with my CA finish this time. I let let it set for a day or so before buffing using the methods/materials mentioned by George (Texatdurango) in a past thread. The black mark on the end cap is only in the photo (I...
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