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  1. K

    Turquoise and Ironwood Mesa Pen

    Am I allowed to show off my 13-year-old son's pen? He just made it last night and I think it is a beauty! Here is a link to see it on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHM_N42DFaq/
  2. cschimmel

    Crushing stone for pens

    This is how I crush stones for pens. I may have learned it here? (don't remember) but thought a new person may like to know. Crushing Stone for Cholla and Turquoise Pen Making. DIY - YouTube
  3. Lenny

    2 Spalted Pecan and more

    I purchased some spalted pecan from member SBD777 and he threw in some extras in the form of the Eastern Red Cedar ... Thanks Scott!!! :smile: I really like the spalted woods .... they do require some special care when turning though and these were no exception. Patience and lots of CA glue to...
  4. snowb46

    Faux Turquoise

    I found some new fibrous material I wanted to try out on a pen. It's cast in a poly resin. It ended up looking like turquoise I think. The tube was NOT painted...but this was an experiment anyhow. Sorry for the poor pictures. Photography is not my bag.
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