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  1. brettlyk

    My Latest Turnings

    Another couple using some blanks from George's Bits of Timber. This one being a Tortuosa Willow Resin blank. Quite easy to turn in the end. Sharp and slow.:biggrin: I used a SNR Gent and a Bolt Action rifle both from Timberbits. The first time I've done s SNR, boy that was a big hole in the...
  2. gordonfraser

    Our wedding pen

    Hello all, I'm new here, from Scotland and I've been turning for the past 2 months. I'm an ex model maker for what used to be one of the UK's largest architectural practices and am a product designer by education/hobby. Not currently fulfilling my education at the mo as I had to find...
  3. timberbits

    Birds eye Huon Pine JR Emperor

    On my last visit to Taiwan, I stopped by Dayacom's office to inspect the new Australiana series pens that was being made for me. During the visit, I was asked by Dayacom to make some pens for them with Australian timbers so that they could display it in their offices and maybe on their website...
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