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  1. hilltopper46

    Acorn Boxes

    I've posted these before on the Other Things You Make forum. I make and sell a lot of these. This one is a little bit special because of the woods involved - the cap is teak and the bottom of the box is lignum vitae. I had to wet sand the bottom because the lignum vitae clogged up the sandpaper...
  2. RDHals

    European style pen

    I finished up this Euro pen the other day with a CA finish, I think it turned out pretty good. The wood is Teak, and it has a story behind it. The teak was given to me by a friend who was a Seabee in the Navy. He told me the wood came off a cargo ship that was running between Taiwan and Africa...
  3. 21.126 Nautical Twist Pen with engraving

    21.126 Nautical Twist Pen with engraving

    Antique Copper Nautical hardware with teak body, engraved with Beall pen wizard and paint filled.
  4. NC Wood Art

    Battleship USS North Carolina pen order

    Just finished up this 19 pen order for a corporate client. I have a love hate relationship with multi pen orders. Love the income even though I generally discount larger orders and a hate for all the time spent processing so many at one time. Love how they look though. It's interesting the...
  5. T

    Teak Burl Weak to Teak Burl Strong?

    Hey all, So I am attempting to make a pen for my boss who has a boat. Doing the Nautical Pen from PSI (even though I hate PSI) and I purchased some Teak Burl blanks. It's a very light colored teak and not at all like you would see on a boat (that warm, dark, reddish teak color). The blanks...
  6. Bree

    Bias-Cut Burma Teak Cigar

    I am not thrilled with this pen. Because I expected more. I got this teak board that is all curly... not heavy maple curl but a moderate yet distinct curl which is pretty uncommon in teak. To kick it up I decide to cut some on the bias. The wood had some dark streaks and other odd patches...
  7. L

    new member

    Greedy's from the great upper Midwest Illinois, Just join today, turn 5 pens already and having a blast I might say !!!. So where does one go to find inlay penkits? Or can someone help me out if I was to mix my own acrylic pen blank material. Louie B.:rolleyes:
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