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    First time posting, some of my starter projects

    Hi All, I'm only pen turning a short while and have a few project pics to share. I have done a few cast in resin and some in bog oak. Pics attached. Feedback appreciated, Stephen
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    Noob Startup Equipment

    I'm looking to get into the hobby (as if I need another one...LOL), and I've been saving my pennies. I almost have enough for to buy my first lathe. I'm looking at the JET JML 1014VSI. But just having a lathe won't let me turn. I need the addons. Namely chisels, pen turning starter kit, and...
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    A or B Mandrel?

    When I started turning pens (earlier this year), I bought a starter kit from CSUSA. While I still buy most of my supplies from them, I do find I like some of the blanks and Berea kits I see on Arizona Silhouette. Is there any easy means of figuring out if my starter kit contains an "A" or...
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