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  1. E

    Pen Stand all finished

    Through together this little pen stand for the pens that don’t have homes... I have made a total of 7 pens so far but sold 2 .. doesn’t look too shabby but I need to come up with a storage container that can hold 10 times the amount of pens I will have... not finished turning yet and have two...
  2. Jarred

    First Antler Pen

    Well, I started turning pens about 2 months ago, and I’m up to about 50 now. Quite a lot of fun. I was cleaning out my garage when I rediscovered a shedhorn that I found on a hike a couple of years back. My son made a $1 bet with me that I couldn’t make a pen with it— a surefire way to guarantee...
  3. T

    High End Burl Pen Sets With Matching Live Edge Burl Stands

    Questions? Comments? What do you think? I have Started Selling these in an interior designer's store 1) Black and Red dyed/stabilized box elder burl with Buckeye burl stand, Carnuba wax Buff finish (fountain,rollerball,pall point,pencil) 2) Old Growth Redwood Burl with OGRB stand...
  4. Texas Penworks

    White Tail Antler Pen & Pencil Desk Set Here's a pic of a White Tail Antler Bullet Pen & Pencil Desk set I mad for a customer this past Christmas. The stand wood is Bubinga.
  5. WildcatHollow

    Wanted to find/buy: acrylic desk set stand.

    Where can I find an acrylic stand to hold a desk set consisting of a pen, a magnifying glass, and a letter holder made from PSI designer series so I can photograph them as a set? Does any one in the forum make custom stands? Thank you.
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