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  1. J

    Label Software

    New to pen making. I want to make labels and cast them into blanks. School logos, names, etc. I have the tools and materials but I am struggling with designing and printing labels. Tried making them in Microsoft paint but not very flexible, sizing was difficult an quality of print was less...
  2. J

    New Indianapolis

    Hello, New member from Carmel. Looking to make label pens for family and friends. School logos, names, pictures, etc. I have a pressure pot, some mold makers. I am struggling with software. Any suggestions on what you use is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. N

    Kkmoon 3000mw laser engraver, does anyone own one?

    Help! I purchased the Kkmoon 3000mw laser engraver to replace another engraver that died. It has 80x80mm engraving area, weak light positioning, the laser moves not the bed. The new engraver arrived from ebay and did not have the USB drive with all the software needed to operate it. Lets just...
  4. healeydays

    Segmenting software?

    Folks, I have some ideas on some things I would like to see in a pen, but would like to mock it up first as not to waste time and materials. I see that there are a few segmenting software packages out there, but they are more for turning bowls and such. Is there one that is designed...
  5. les-smith

    Which Video Editing Software To Get

    I was wonder what your opinions are concerning the best inexspensive video editing software. Currently I'm using Windows Movie Maker, but I'm not real satisfied. The quality really seems to degrade when I put it on DVD, almost like the video is skipping when you watch it on the TV. Any...