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  1. R

    Recommendations for selling?

    Fairly new to pen turning, although woodworking is almost second nature.. I am hoping to use pen turning as a means of subsidizing my youth pastor income, any recommendations on how/where to sell? My wife and I opened an Etsy shop, but that market seems to be flooded with people selling pens for...
  2. rkimery

    Another Pricing Question

    Thought first. then a question. I am a self-taught pen turner. Woodworking for over 40 years now and started something new about 3-1/2 years ago - penturning. I love it. Perhaps I am not as fast as some of the more experience turners on here. I use a CA finish on all wood pens I make...
  3. T

    Best Selling Pens (styles and materials) ! ! !

    What are everyone's best selling pens (both styles and materials)?
  4. A

    disregard this post

    sorry i put this in the wrong place and i dont know how to delete it... :(
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