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  1. steamshovel

    identify sandpaper

    I need help to identify the maker of some sandpaper it is blue with the numbers 402 2 on the back, It is about 1/16” thick. I like it because it is thick and stiff. Maybe some one will recognize it. I will enclose a pic. Preston
  2. Woodchipper

    Tint and finish

    Just got through putting three coats of Trans Tint in DNA on maple (old cutting board). I noticed that there were a few fuzzies raised. I had gone through 600 sandpaper before applying the TT. I plan on a CA finish. Taking a break and letting it dry completely. Any suggestions or tips are...
  3. A

    Uneven blanks

    When I turn a blank, I get it down to a reasonable width with tools, then I go the rest of the way to the bushings with sandpaper. I've never had an issue, however, I was working with some spalted oak in a slimline style and I noticed that one side of the blanks was flat and even with the...
  4. Herb G

    Heads Up for Penturners...Rockler Sale

    Rockler has These on sale for $9.99. That's 1/2 price. However, they are oversold until 1/6/2017. They will fill your order as they are received. I ordered 5 while I could get them. Order yours now. Operators are standing by. :tongue: Hope this helps someone out there. :wink:
  5. D

    Sand paper trick

    Micro Mesh: or any wet dry sand paper one can increase both it’s efficiency and longevity by keeping the wet dry sand paper or MM clean in plastic containers filled with water. The simple trick is to add several drops of liquid dish ( Palmolive, Lux etc) washing detergent to the water. I learned...
  6. S


    I am about to order a bunch of sandpaper. Should it be: Garnet, stearate, or silicon carbide?
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