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  1. MRDucks2

    Trend Air Stealth Half Mask on Sale

    Hey, Gang - just saw in today’s January flyer from Woodcraft they are having a sale on the Trend Air Stealth Half Mask sale prices at $15. I bought one of each size during the intro pricing for my wife and any shop guests. She is a bit claustrophobic and doesn’t get along well with my 3M...
  2. MRDucks2

    This is how accidents happen

    Just trimming some pine brick mold for the new 32” door I am putting on the shop. Small wood, soft pine, good and dry so an easy cut with the newish 80 tooth blade on my table saw. Gonna be quick so no need to turn on the dust collector. Almost done and go to trim the piece for the head jamb...
  3. MRDucks2


    Audiomate Hi-Fidelity Ear Plugs I bought a pair of these to try in the shop. There are several versions/brands. I chose this one as it claims the highest NRR of 27db for this style. Basically, for a simple explanation (you can research the details if you want) they have an insert with a...
  4. R

    Is a Trend Air Pro really worth it?

    I just picked up a trend pro air. I was reading the instructions last night and felt somewhat confused. Is it anything more than a dust mask? I had always thought that it was a MUST have because it would protect me while working, but, it dawned on me while reading the manual that it actually...
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