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  1. Gregory Hardy

    Fitting Rings

    Hi, folks. I am looking for some entry-level guidance. I want to learn more about fitting rings on bodies and caps of kitless pens. I have ideas of how one "might" do it. I'm just not willing to entirely reinvent the wheel today. Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Kburr

    Resin Wood Rings with Steel Inserts ♻️

    Alumilite Resin and Wood Rings with Steel Inserts Locally sourced/reclaimed - Cherry burl, Mahogany, Ambrosia❤ We make our own inserts!
  3. Kburr

    Hi, everyone! I'm New to IAP! Athens, Georgia

    New to wood working! Hometown, Athens, GA.. Go Dawgs!! I'm a mom to a precious two year old girl. My partner and I, recently started a family business, designing resin and wood products! Mostly, rings and pens, but we always enjoy creating something different or collaborating with people on new...
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