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  1. budnder

    California Redwood Sedona

    "Hey dad, I bought this stick back as a souvenir from my trip to Northern California... can you make a pen out of it?" Clean and simple, nothing to flashy... but means more to him because of the memory associated with it, and is special to me because he asked for it (most of the time wifey...
  2. T

    High End Burl Pen Sets With Matching Live Edge Burl Stands

    Questions? Comments? What do you think? I have Started Selling these in an interior designer's store 1) Black and Red dyed/stabilized box elder burl with Buckeye burl stand, Carnuba wax Buff finish (fountain,rollerball,pall point,pencil) 2) Old Growth Redwood Burl with OGRB stand...
  3. AZSalsman

    Wood Stabilization

    I am faced with a challenge (well it is a challenge for me :smile:). I am tasked with making a few pens out of specific pieces of wood from a family swing sit heirloom that has had to be this has extreme sentimental value and memories. The wood is REDWOOD is very soft. From...
  4. Lenny

    Redwood Burl cigar/lathe drilled

    Here's a cigar pen I made from some of Wolfdancer's Lace Redwood Burl. Thanks again, Rod! Turned between centers and drilled on the lathe. Check out how accurately centered the hole was drilled. Sanded to 1500 wet/dry automotive paper. I used several coats of CA, sometimes adding a BLO wipe...
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