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  1. Wayne

    How to Create a Thread with a Poll (Excludes Birthday Bash Polls)

    When you Start New Thread in one of the forums, you have the option to create a Poll. This allows you to ask a question and specify several predetermined Responses. Members can vote for one or more responses as you have determined. You also have the ability to add Attachments to your Thread. The...
  2. MRDucks2

    Bottle Stop Blank Poll

    Presuming the ideal diameter of a bottle stopper blank is +/-1.5 inches (38mm), what do you consider the best length?
  3. MRDucks2

    Test Poll #3

    One more shot before I check with the bosses on how it works. Goal is for single selection, not visible on the results. I have one more button to click.
  4. MRDucks2

    Poll Test #2 Pretty Resin Pen Contest

    We will try a single selection with hidden results for this test.
  5. MRDucks2

    Pretty Resin Pen Poll

    This is a test of the Polling process for the IAP Website
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