pine cone

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  1. elkhorn

    Pine Cone Blanks For Sale

    Continuing to clean out the shop! For sale are 3 pine cone pen/project blanks. The first is a blue project (bottle stopper, shaving brush) blank: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Price $8 USD + shipping (US only). The second is a large silver & gold pine cone project blank: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 6". Price...
  2. Darin68

    Stabilize or not stabilize pine cone

    I want to create some pine cone blanks with Alumilite and was wondering if I should stabilize the pine cone or not. I've seen different threads about this, one saying to definitely stabilize and others saying that it isn't necessary. It looks like the ones that say it isn't necessary are putting...
  3. ELA

    Pine Cone Glacia

    I found this pine cone on the sidewalk at the mall. Squirrels had chewed the petals off so it was a matter of just straightening the core and trimming it down to size. As I began turning it down I had a snag at the small end and could not find the piece to glue it back on. I replaced the...
  4. Buzzzz4

    Red and Purple Streak Minicone Manhattan Click

    I was going for a new color with the minicones and ended up with this. It is based in red with blue mixed in. I was attempting a solid purple, but this little beauty came out. I took the close up to really show the purple iridesence. Back painted with purple as well. This is my first time...
  5. SDB777

    Pine cone cartridge.....whew!

    Finally got the 'nerve up' to do this. Guess it was a confidence thing about using the skew for so much of the turning? Anyway.... 308 Cartridge with Afghan Pine Cone As always comments/critiques are very welcome! And thanks for looking!!!! Scott (skew all day) B
  6. wood-of-1kind

    Pine goes to church

    Some of my recent work inspired by various IAP members. Hope you like these.
  7. J

    Casting Pine Cones

    Is it possible to cast pine cones without a pressure pot? I would like to experiment with this, but, don't want to waste my time.
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