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  1. MRDucks2

    Holy Photos, Batman - You can drag and drop into a PM

    OK, so I was excited. PMing a member to update him on some blanks I am stabilizing for him and discovered for the first time that I can drag and drop photos into a PM. Fantastic! I had already formatted to a max of 640 x XXX so they weren't big, but it worked great, could move them around in...
  2. Q

    CA finished pes

    CA finished pens Hello! I've been making pens for about a year now, and I was wondering what you guys think about some of my pens and if you have any feedback. Thanks!
  3. T

    Taking Pictures

    How do you take your pen pictures (background/lighting/camera/setup etc.)
  4. S

    Learning to take photos

    Here are few pens I have made. I am trying to get the pics down correct. Please give me feedback on the pics. how are the thumbnails loaded so you can link to the full pic?
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