pen blank prep

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  1. ramaroodle

    How do I recreate this??

    Just getting into casting and I want to try and make a blank similar to this. I think these would sell well around here as the U. Washington's colors are purple and gold and I have already had requests and 10 confirmed orders if I can produce a prototype. I've got burl, cactus juice...
  2. C

    Attaching paper to pen tubes

    What kind of adhesive is best to attach paper to a pen blank for casting under pressure? I've tried ModPodge but pressure just causes the glue to loosen and cloud up the casting. Thanks, Tom Murrell
  3. neubee

    Steam Punk Watch Pen

    My wife's Mom passed away almost a year ago; in her dresser drawer were some worn out inexpensive watches. In memory of her, I cast a some pens for my wife and her siblings.
  4. D

    No Drill Press? No Problem!

    I searched high and low for an alternative way to drill pen blanks without a drill press. Finally I created my own alternative. Check out the pics and video on my web site at Turn On A Dime Woodworking - Home and go to the drill rig page.
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