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  1. Woodchipper

    Painting tube or blank question

    I just finished reading a thread and posts, one part concerning painting blanks and tubes. I got the idea of this- Has anyone done a contrast or complementary painting of the tube or blank to get away from thaw would be the plain vanilla approach. Example- instead of blue foe a transparent...
  2. J

    Painting and aluminum foil

    I would like to make some blanks with aluminum foil wrapped around the tube (possibly slightly crinkled or with a design), paint the foil, seal the foil?, glue "something" to the foil, and cast it in PR. My questions are primarily what glue(s) to use, what kind of paint, and what to seal the...
  3. G

    A first.

    This is the first pen where I have painted the inside of the blank or the tube (did both). It's a Freebie blank called Appeltini from (Thanks Ed & Dawn). I have three more blanks from them to use. The blank looks somewhat lighter than it did before turning and there are places...
  4. B

    Hiding Glue When Using Transparent Blanks

    I've been making pens for quite some time but have mostly worked with wood as it is simply my material of preference. I do however from time to time make some acrylic pens and usually have fairly good luck in turning out a good looking pen. Recently I had a friend request I make her several...
  5. S

    Painting tubes before PR casting?

    OK, I had a big problem with my first batch of PR blanks that I tried. Here is what happened. I prepped the tubes but scratching them up and then proceeded to use Testor's all purpose model enamel paint on the tubes. I used various colors and then coated all of them with Testor's one coat...
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