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  1. M

    Sealing a cap

    Hi, One problem I've noticed with the fountain pens that I turn is that the cap does not keep the nib dry for all that long compared to mass-produced fountain pens. I'm thinking of trying silicone to seal the cap and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this, or has a technique to seal the...
  2. H

    What nibs for Navigator fountain kit?

    I have a customer that wants to know what kind of nibs are compatible with her Navigator fountain pen, she is an artist and will want very specific nibs, so I am really asking what kinds can't go with it. Thank you in advance for any help!
  3. jpford

    Omas pens question

    Hello turners & craftspeople! I am looking for info about Omas fountain pens. Specifically, I have a customer who owns and Omas that has a bent nib. Someone "straightened" the nib out for them and it does write, but it leaks. Not sure from where as I haven't actually looked at it nor have I...
  4. C

    PSI Tycoon & Majestic Jr Nibs .....

    Had a gentleman tell me elsewhere that these now come with a stock Jowo nib, can somebody else please corroborate this for me? As expected, am new to fountain pens, have a couple customers that want one, I don't want to tell them something that's not true, and I want to make sure I give...
  5. P

    Best Feed For a Heritance Nib

    Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has any direct experience with using Heritance Nibs on either the Jowo or Bock feeds. Is one better than the other? How is the fit? I know in theory #5 and #6 nibs should all be interchangeable, but I have not found that to be so. Sometimes there is a gap...
  6. DrPepper8412

    Lou Metcalf MIA?

    I need a nib, and can't seem to get ahold of him. I've tried email and telephone. Anyone know where he's gone?
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