majestic fountain pen kit

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  1. CjG78

    Huon pine burl Majestic

    G'day! I have a customer that wanted to finish his trio of PSI Majestic fountain pens. He loves the weight and grandeur of them. Being a music teacher and piano player, he has massive hands and loves his pens long, so I use statesman tubes which makes them a half an inch longer. This one has a...
  2. CjG78

    Turkish walnut burl majestic

    G'day! I have a customer who loves the chunky full sized weighty Majestic fountain pen from PSI. I use statesman tubes to make it bigger for him also. This Turkish walnut burl some of the nicest I've seen, such a beautiful piece of timber. CA finish.
  3. R

    First majestic

    I was a little intimidated by this kit because of the money I spent and the size of the drill bits I had to use. Oh and I only bought one blank with no spare tubes. Thankfully it came out well and it's gonna be a keeper for me. I'm proud of this one. It's maple burl double dyed red and blue...
  4. CjG78

    Kenworth fordite 'burl'

    G'day! Recently received some lumpy bumpy Kenworth fordite from the States that reminded me a little of burl. It isn't suitable to use as is, so my great friend at Steve's Woodcraft here in Australia cast some pieces in resin for me. I chose pearlescent black, which I think matched well with...
  5. CjG78

    Another corvette fordite

    G'day! So recently I purchased 2 corvette hybrids from the states for quite alot of money. Corvette fordite is quite rare and very collectable. This one was cast in purple and looks great! There are green sections which I haven't seen before. Very cool. On a black titanium majestic fountain pen...
  6. Majestic-Black & Gold TrueStone on BkTN

    Majestic-Black & Gold TrueStone on BkTN

    Majestic Fountain Pen Kit with a Black and Gold Truestone Blank
  7. CjG78

    Amboyna Burl

    G'day Recently bought a lovely parcel of stabilised goodies from Aussie timber artisan Peter Southworth. Peter only sells of Facebook and goes by the name 'heartwood woodworkz' This amboyna has loads of character, on a majestic fountain pen with larger tubes used (from a statesman). Ca finish...
  8. CjG78

    Buffalo Horn

    G'day Today I made this majestic fountain pen with Indian river buffalo horn. I used tubes from a statesman kit to make it a bit longer. Was a slow process, trying not to heat it up at all. Thanks, Casey
  9. ranchonodinero

    5 Majestic Fountain pen kits

    5 Majestic Black TN/Rhodium fountain pen kits and bushing kit from Penn State. $125 SHIPPED USPS flat rate CONUS. Paypal only.
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