lidded box.

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  1. Bob Wemm

    F.A.R.T. wood Lidded Box.

    Found this bit of wood at the tip and the grain looked interesting so it followed me home. It is some kind of Eucalyptus???? The box is 3 1/2in tall and 11/2in wide. I sprayed this one with varnish as I didn't want to rip my fingers off with a friction polish. Sanded to 400. Thanks for looking...
  2. Bob Wemm

    A couple of She-oak pieces.

    Love the grain in this She-Oak Cheese & Cracker Platter, this one measures 15 1/2 in x 2 in and is sanded to 400 and finished with a clear spray on varnish. The lidded box is also She-oak but from a different piece. The box is 5 1/2 in wide and 7in tall. Thereabouts. Also sanded to 400 and...
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