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  1. Commander Shepard

    Kit recommendation & how to fix bad plating

    Good day, all, Some time ago, I picked up a pretty nice-looking FP kit (Prokraft's Byron Premium, claimed to be 24 Ct gold plated) and it's been working wonders for me (was used to cheap all-steel nibs), but a short while ago, I noticed that there were pretty noticeable scratches developing on...
  2. Sand Mountain Designs

    Norse Mythology?

    My nephew wants a pen featuring a Norse Mythology character. Which kit would you recommend? He's open to anything as long as the character is label cast into the blank.
  3. Woodchipper

    Inserting a small part into a finial

    Let me be more precise here. I'm assembling a cartridge bullet click pen from WC, #151303. The instructions say to insert a small tube into the clip/retainer/cap assembly. There is to be 9/16 inch left in the assembly. I have the tube almost in with about i/32 left to go. My pen press has a...
  4. P

    Looking for pen kit answers

    My friend asked me if there was a pen kit that was slim but could also be heavy in weight. I know the slimline is the smallest pen kit you can go but for weight wise would tru-stone be on the heavier size. If there is anyone that has any suggestions to different kit and or blank that could...
  5. G

    Rollerball Click pen

    :bananen_smilies068:Does anyone know of a click pen kit that will accept a rollerball refill. I have a customer that is looking for one. If not, is there a rollerball refill that will fit in a standard click pen kit?
  6. Woodchipper

    Gift for beginninng pen turner

    I had previously told of my grandson making pens for his parents for their birthdays. My wife came up with an idea for his birthday. Give him a pen kit and blank for a birthday present. I thought this was a great idea. Her best idea was to marry me 45 years ago. Back to penturning- I...
  7. I

    Baron II

    Could someone tell me what is the lenght of the Baron II Pen RB when finished. Is the Baron II a good pen kit or is there a similar kit as good as it? Pat. Ireland
  8. Amthermandes

    What pen kit should I use for a Buckeye Burl natural blank?

    Here's what my blank looks like: I'm looking for a pen kit that'll go nicely with it, but I'm having trouble picking the "perfect" kit. I am rather new to pen turning, but I have a few under my belt and I'd like to make this my formal pen, a very exquisite pen. My price range on a kit is...
  9. L

    Like to make my own bullet pens?wonder what kit

    Looking for suggestion what pen kit would you recommend to use to make my own bullet pen, I have cartiage from 306 shells blanks were use from the funeral salute when my brother pass away. I have already gotten the real bullet tip now that are drill out. Thanks in advance to all that make...
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