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  1. MRDucks2

    Keyring Fob Question

    Wife is falling in love with casting resin. One of the items she is getting requests for are keyring fobs (the dangly part) made from resin. She is trying to decide the beat way to attach. Screwing with n an eyelet, even with a predrilled hole is proving difficult at the eyelet shank in not very...
  2. bfrazier

    Key Chain Pen Knife

    I love these kits, and everyone that sees one would like me to make them one... Only problem is that Rockler has discontinued the kit. I drove down to Salem NH to get the last three kits they had a couple of weeks ago, and have called the other stores in my area. If you are at one of the stores...
  3. K

    New Turnings

    Been a while since I have posted anything, so figured I would share the few new turnings I have. Sorry for the photo quality in advance - I don't have a fancy set up yet - just my iPhone. The first is a Crown Jewel pen in chrome from PSI with an older Purple acrylic blank. Finished with MM...
  4. Crashmph

    Circuit Board USB Keychain???

    I was in my local Woodcraft in Springfield, VA last night. They get there shipments on Wednesday so that is a good day to see new stuff. Well they just received some bushings for a "Circuit Board USB Keychain." I have never heard of one and none of the guys working there had either. We got...
  5. M

    Key Chain Pen and Oxford

    I've not seen many of these so thought I'd post them. I'm suprised at how many women like these key chain pens. Anyway, it's chrome, the kit is from PennStateInd and the Oxford is from Woodcraft, in maple burl (my favorite wood for the past two months!) It has a CA finish with a light coat of...
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