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  1. P

    Get Your Own Fordite?

    I have seen some beautiful pens made from "Fordite". According to what I learned here on, Fordite comes from many layers of paint that build up in automobile factories when the paint is applied to new cars during the manufacturing process. Eventually there is so much paint buildup...
  2. CjG78

    Kenworth fordite 'burl'

    G'day! Recently received some lumpy bumpy Kenworth fordite from the States that reminded me a little of burl. It isn't suitable to use as is, so my great friend at Steve's Woodcraft here in Australia cast some pieces in resin for me. I chose pearlescent black, which I think matched well with...
  3. CjG78

    Swirls of fordite

    G'day! I decided to slice the edge off a slab of fordite that I purchased which had lovely drips and odd shapes. I cut it length ways in half and glued them back to back, cast them in red resin to fill the gaps and voila! Happy with the outcome! Noble fountain pen
  4. CjG78


    G'day I absolutely love this stuff. Every piece is unique. Especially the swirly drippy fordite. From the Jeep factory, some had lots of voids, so cast in black resin to hold it together. On churchhill fountain pen, ca finish. The hourglass is a solid piece
  5. CjG78

    Jeep Fordite

    G'day! So I have been hoarding this fordite stuff for a few months now, and thought I'd spin some. It has lovely metallics in it, doesn't show in the photos. Modern Jeep on a Dayacom Harold black titanium rollerball. 8 coats of thin ca to protect it. Thanks for looking! Case
  6. CjG78

    Australian fordite hybrid

    Recently I was given a few chunks of 'fordite' I suppose you could call it. It is the accumulated over spray of paint on the racks of my friend's automotive shop. 10 years worth! Some small pieces were cast in resin by my good friend Sam Baker from Steve's Woodcraft here in Australia. She did a...
  7. jalbert

    Fordite Fountain Pen

    This was an interesting pen to build. The customer supplied me with a chunk of fordite (basically just accumulated layers of automotive paint), and wanted me to incorporate it into a fountain pen. The pen is built largely of black ebonite, as the fordite is far too unstable and brittle to use as...
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