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  1. ranchonodinero

    Berea Hardwood kits: 3 cigar pens, 3 El Grande Rollerball

    3 cigar pen kits 2 in chrome and 1 in pearl silver and 3 el grande rollerball kits. Shipped USPS flat rate CONUS. Paypal. $25.00 Last of the kits.
  2. juteck

    El Grande from Cast Away II

    I needed some quiet time this morning, and finally got around to turning one from the Cast Away II swap - and this one is for me, my new daily writer (until I make the next one :rolleyes:). The pen is an El Grande FP with stock nib (already inked with Sailor Yami Dora), and the blank created by...
  3. J

    A couple more tonight...

    Here are two more pens I finished tonight. The first is a slimline Bocote sanded to 600, 5 coats CA, MM to 12000 & Hut polish. This will be going to the troops. The second is done for a co-worker who selected the kit and blank at Woodcraft and asked me to make it for him. 3 coats CA then...
  4. J

    Sunday's projects

    Here are three that I turned today. The slimlines are going to Pens for Troops thanks to blanks provided by Smitty37... Good practice and I like how they turned out, lots of character. The El Grande is a blank and kit supplied to me by a friend at work and done for him. This is my first El...
  5. Lenny

    Another El Grande rollerball pen from PR casting

    Here's another El Grande rollerball made from one of my cast blanks from last weekend. This was the one that the first color setup before I could add the bronze.:rolleyes: You can see in a few places where I tried to stab the stick into the green to allow the bronze to penetrate a little.:wink...
  6. Lenny

    El Grande fountain pen from my second PR cast

    I got a request for a fountain pen using a blank from my second PR casting. Made this one today. It's a platinum El Grande Streamline.
  7. Lenny

    El Grande questions?

    I just picked up a few of the Berea El Grande kits and find the instructions and methods used much different from any other pen I have done to date. The cap end has two tubes a smaller one that fits in the 11mm hole and a large (short) one that fits in the top end. On the upper cap blank...
  8. juteck

    Berea Hardwoods - El Grande specials

    I'm on Berea's email list, and got this yesterday -- thought I'd pass it on for those interested. Several of the El Grande Elite and Streamline kits on sale -- rollerball and fountain, variety of finishes. Currently $5 to $6 prices. Here's the link...
  9. W

    Kitless Pen Thread Pitch

    I'm going to start my first kitless or semi-kitless pen this weekend, and was wondering what thread pitch a few items were. I saw on another thread that the El Grande nib is 10x1. If anyone can confirm this, that would be great. The other thing I'd like some confirmation on is the fountain...
  10. BobBurt

    Fountain Pens

    Here are three El Grande Fountain Pens that I recently finished up. The are made with Corian. I also Jazzed up the caps to give them a little more character. Corian is easy to finished, sanded to 400 and Beall Buffed Thanks for looking
  11. splinter99

    Antler El Grande

    Here is an antler platinum El Grande rollerball desk set that I just completed. The base is curly walnut. Finish on the pen is ca comments welcomed, Thanks for looking
  12. DurocShark

    Haven't put anything here in a while...

    So even though I've put them over on their appropriate threads, I thought I'd kick these recent ones over here.
  13. M

    Closed end Thuya Burl El Grande

    This is a slightly modified El Grande and Cambridge in Thuya burl. The wood is finished using HUT PPP brown and then white wax and topped with a little carnuba wax -- probably overkill on the wax. I would normally do a CA finish but this wood is so waxy that it doesn't take it very well...
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