el grande pen kit

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  1. ranchonodinero

    El Grande Pen kits and bushing set-assorted gold, chrome, platinum

    18 total pen kits, a few extra tubes, bushing set. What you see is what you get. 5 gold rollerball, 4 chrome rollerball, 5 platinums and 4 gold ball points. $90 shipped USPS flat rate Conus. Paypal.
  2. jcgolov

    Sourcing El Grande pen kit in UK

    Hi I am trying to source the El Grande Fountain Pen Kit as I need the section and nib for prototyping a kitless pen. I had one but I just got an engraver, and tested it on one of my practice pen. I messed up and engraved and melted the section pretty badly :-) I do not seem to find this kit...
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