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  1. Woodchipper

    Slim Line disassembly

    Got the clip and the nib out with no trouble- a few quick, light taps like described in another thread. However, the twist mechanism is a different story. I have worked on it for several minutes but it hasn't budged. Would a shade tree setup on the DP give any more pressure than the plastic...
  2. D

    Stratus Pen Disassemby

    I need some help here - I have a stratus kit from PSI where the tube got damaged while i was assembling it (don't ask how, it was late, and I was tired :redface:). I don't want to trash the pen, but i need to get it apart adn i'm concerned about breaking the click mechanism if i use the...
  3. J

    Breaking down a pen

    I recently put together a cartridge pen; however, I noticed that I forgot to put in a little copper sleeve that is needed for the click side to work. Is there anyway to take a pen apart without damaging it after it has been pressed together?
  4. N

    Easy slimline disassembly....no special tool needed.

    Thought I would share my technique for disassembling slimlines. It's similar to the technique used on the PSI tool, using a coat hanger and Allen wrench. 1. Break pen apart, removing center and. 2. Cut a piece of metal coat hanger, about 6". 3. Run coat hanger through twist mechanism to...
  5. S

    Disassembling a Snr Gent Pen I assembled backwards

    Hi Folks, I made my first Senior Gent pen last night. The Nib part has a wide and narrow end and like an idiot I inserted the wrong parts into each end! Any clue how I might disassemble the nib section without destroying it? I accept I might destroy the wood, which would be a pity as it's a...
  6. patmurris

    Vertex click disassembly?

    I need to take apart a Vertex click pen but i fear to ruin the click assembly which is made of plastic. I have one of those disassembly kit with plenty of rods to chose from and gave it a soft try to see if it would go easily, but i'll need to bang the thing hard to push the top part out. I...
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